Chris sighed as he pulled himself together. He staggered as he stood up and looked around. Bodies scattered all over. He felt weak and lightheaded.

Seth yelled from above, “See! You are nothing but a monster! An abomination that needs to be removed from this world!”

He jmped from the ledge and walked up to Chris. “Don’t worry, I’ll finish you off quick! And once the alpha is dead, the rest will soon follow!”

Chris extended his arm, letting charges of electricity out of him. He glared at Seth, “No, you’re wrong. You’re the monster. I never asked for any of this! We were born with this!”

Seth dashed and punched him in the stomach, sending him flying into the wall.

He slowly stood back up and said, “I won’t let you end my family.” His body began to glow. Fire and electricity began to form over his body. He exclaimed, “I am the Alpha Nucleonic! And I will protect my people!”

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