Ode to a Goddess

Ode to a Goddess

If the skies throw lightning
She conquers it with grace
If the inferno throws fire
She tackles it with her aura
A being of such beauty
To even fluster the gods
What powers do you hide?
Behind those glowing eyes.
The boundless fury of yours I fear such
That invoking it, a mistake I shall not make
For beyond those woes, lies a soft heart
In which the garden of paradise blooms
To you I wish the glories of the world
And treasure beyond this realm
But as a mere mortal, this is not mine to give
Oh! fair maiden, what shall I gift thee
But alas, stay a moment
There is one prize I possess
Though not as great as treasures or gold
But still as precious as a sparkling gem
What is offer is not a tangible good
But something I wish from my heart
Dear one, when you shall call
I shall bestow upon you, a comrade’s love!

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