“17 out of 20, I expect better Adithya.”, said my english teacher as she passed me my english answer sheet. It was a pretty high score, the highest in the class actually. But still she said she expected more. Slightly disheartened, yet I was prepapred to do better. The rest of the class went on as usual. My english class was the one place I felt my time was being used properly. At the end of the session, ma’am called me over to her and said, “I know the correction was strict, your score is very good. But I see you scoring much higher than this. I see you as the school topper for english in the board exams.” I covered my smile discreetely.

I thought to myself, she thinks too much of me. But I was wrong, it took me 4 months to realize that. Looking at my board exam results, school topper in English. I was awestruck. She knew it. Not just that, she believed in me. She knew my potential and pushed me to go beyond that. And I thank her everyday for that. A writer sitting in a science course is going to feel hopeless. After countless failed papers and horrible grades, I felt I had no future. And there comes this teacher who sees a talented boy in the wrong place. She saw that I had a gift for words. “It takes a lot of patience to write novel.”, she used to tell me. she pushed me forward to experiment with new styles and better myself as a writer.

She always told me, “Adithya, you aren’t an office worker. You’re meant for something much greater.” And true to those words, I still strive to become a good writer. Every student deserves a good mentor. And I have been blessed to have been taught by one of the best teachers ever.

Thank you Sonika ma’am.

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