“And this, young lads, is the neutrino!”, beamed the professor as he pointed to the projector screen.

Chris blinked as he stared blankly at the screen, “Goddamnit! Physics sucks!”

 “Dude this is so cool! Did you know if we could properly harness neutrinos we could prove the existence of dark matter!”

 Chris turned and stared at the kid next to him. “You’re the new kid right?”, he asked. “Yeah, nice to meet you. I’m Ayaan Raj.”

 “Well a word of advice Ayaan, you keep saying stuff like that, someone’s gonna punch you in the face.” Ayaan didn’t seem to mind, he went on muttering about nuclear physics. “Mr. Summers, Mr. Raj, your attention please, if you can manage it.” “Extremely sorry Sir, won’t happen again Sir!”, Ayaan declared. The professor continued till the end of the lecture.

Chris stretched as he got out of his seat. “Finally, that’s over with!”

Ayaan leaned over, “What’s your problem with physics?”

“I don’t get this stuff, I’m not cut out for it?” “Then what are cut out for?”

 Chris opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted by a deep voice. “Hey runt! Didn’t I tell you to do my homework for me?”, said the kid standing next to Ayaan. Six foot tall, muscle monster Alex. Ayaan muttered, “Yeah I was going to but yesterday was my granny’s birthday so…” “Do I look I give a rat’s ass about that? You lazy punk! You’re gonna regret this!” He raised his hand but was stopped by Chris. “Wow, there Alex! What seems to be issue?” Alex glared at him and asked, “This kid with you Christopher?”

 “Maybe, you got a problem with that?” Alex backed away, “Nope, no problem.” He turned around and walked away while glaring at Ayaan. “What just happened?”, asked a bewildered Ayaan. “He knows not me mess with me. The art work I left on his cheek   reminds him.”

 “What? You punched him in the face? He’s like six feet tall.”

 Chris chuckled, “Of course not, I kicked him!”

As they walked back home, Christopher told Ayaan about himself, “So I found my calling in martial arts, learnt as much as I could, Karate, Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Tai chi and few others. I wanna open my own dojo after I’m done.”

 Ayaan smiled, “That’s cool. Physics is all I know. Probably just gonna go to college and get a degree, then the usual, job, marriage kids.”

“Sound boring.”, Chris commented.

“Yeah, well it’s safe.”

“Safe isn’t always the best you know. Haven’t you ever wished something would happen in life?”

 “Well, I don’t know.”, replied Raj, “Never really thought about it.”

“Well I do. Something beyond this life. It’s awful you know, waking up everyday wishing you had an interesting life but ending up with this ordinary one.”

“Careful there, Chris, you might end getting what you wish for!”

They chuckled as they headed home.

“You’re late Chris!”, said his uncle, Sam.

“Yeah, I know! Met a new kid in school today.”

His uncle glared, “I send you to school to study, not make friends!”

Chris scowled and went up to his room. He lived with uncle as long as he could remember. The man was a tyrant. He never let him go anywhere, have any friends or basically have fun. The only thing he supported him was in martial arts.

He threw bag in the corner and lay on his bed. He wished, “Only if something would happen.” He dozed off.

He awoke a few hours later to a weird sensation in his body. He felt a tingling sensation in his chest. He stood and stretched his body, the sensation remained. Suddenly it turned to a sharp pain. He dropped to the floor screaming.

“What’s wrong?”, asked Sam as he rushed in. He saw Chris and whispered, “It’s begun!”

He got Chris up, he extended his hand. His fingertips began glowing, he ran his hand on Chris’ chest. The pain vanished.

Sam said, “So it’s begun. Chris, listen to me, things are gonna be bit different now. Your body will be able to do things. And there will be some people who will come after you. It’s not safe here anymore. We need to leave!”

This was too much to take in for the little boy. He just blinked at Sam. Suddenly a window broke. They looked around shocked. Sam whispered, “Run!” The next bullet hit Sam. He crashed to the floor. Chris rushed to his side, sobbing. Sam held his hand and said, “Run away and don’t come back!”

Chris held back his tears and tried to speak but couldn’t make a sound. His uncle pushed him and yelled, “Run!” Chris stumbled and started to run out of the house.

His didn’t want to go but he had no choice, his body moved on its own. He ran through the backyard into the darkness.

His uncle laid there on the floor as two men entered the house. They walked up to him with their guns pointed. A third man came in and exclaimed, “Finally we meet again Sam!” Sam whispered weakly, “You won’t find him here Seth!”

The man replied chuckling, “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll get to that. I vowed to end your kind and so I will.”

Sam sighed and said, “Fine. One last heroic act!”

His body began to glow. He whispered, “Positron blast!”

Chris turned back to see his house blow up in blue flames. He screamed for his uncle. He wanted to rush back but he couldn’t now. The boy kept running away.

The rubble shook as Seth got up. Dusting off his clothes, he said, “Damn you Sam! Always too hotheaded! You should have known I wouldn’t be that easy to kill. Those poor bastards had to die, I just hired them you know! No matter, no matter. Let the games begin!”

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