Our Battle

Our Battle

The edge of my sword
The tip of your dagger
A flash of lightning
And a gust of wind

You stand before me
Relentlessly again
Why do you do such?
Do I mean to you, that much?

My pain you don’t understand
Then how will you my goal?
You are a man of the light
And I the prince of darkness

Our battle spans millennium
Through the wills of the ones before
We are not the first in this
And certainly not the last

Yet you rise against me
With a vow to end our feud
Such emotions of yours I find silly
But you still stand faithful to them

There may have been a time I called you my friend
Because now I call you my brother
we are both souls born to a world of hatred
Fueled by the pain of being alone

But it’s of no matter
Our fight must go on
Cause to ensure peace in our realm
One cannot live while the other does survive.

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