Waiting in my college office, standing in the queue for hours. I look around and you catch my eye. Seems so simple at first, just a random student I saw in the room. But you’re not just somebody are you? You wear red, the colour of passion and danger. Which one are you? The passionate or the dangerous? I’m curious now. Your eyes shine with wonder and happiness, you love life, you enjoy the very idea of existing. You talk and laugh loud, as if you have to show that you indeed are happy, cause maybe you are hiding something. Maybe those eyes aren’t showing happiness. I look deeper in them and see a desire for happiness. You want to be happy, you yearn for it. Your hair is in a half bun, lying elegantly over your face, touching your shoulders flirtatiously. You talk to multiple people, but you never quite finish your thought. Always interrupted but never says anything about. You don’t want people to hurt you.

You walk over to me, asking if you can leave your bag on my table. You sound soft, almost apologetic, as if you feel you’re disturbing me just by existing. But you’re not, you only intrigue me more. You are a true wonder, I need to know more. You smile as you leave me, you want to make others happy, but not yourself. I’d like to see you happy. Will you let me?

You walk out of the room, rushing back to get your bag. You smile at me again and dash out. I sit there wondering. I don’t know who you are, what your name is. I don’t know which  class you are in. I don’t even know if I will see you again. But you have made an impression on me, you are different. You are intriguing. You are beautiful. You are mysterious. You are……

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