To be a Writer

To be a Writer

Glasses resting on their brows, frizzy messed up hair. A cup of coffee and a typewriter. This is how people see a writer generally. For some a pretty sight, for others, not so much. But in my years of writings, I’ve never really seen a writer like this. Instead, I see a few traits. So, through my own examples, I want to talk about the making of a writer.

We Dream

Most of my friends who spend time with me know how crazy my dreams can get. From going on adventures with my favourite celebrities to having martial tournaments with my friends, my dreams take me to crazy places and often inspire me to write. Most writers I’ve seen have crazy imaginations fuelling these dreams and stories.

We are crazy

But in a good way, eccentric essentially. People often catch me having elaborate conversations with myself. I recite lines from my story to see how it sounds. To me it seems like a grand play but to anyone, nothing but a fool’s mumbling. Now not every writer is hoot like me. Some may have the subtlest attributes that are different. But nonetheless, these little nuances make them different from others, the Writer’s Spark, as I would call it.

We see

Where others look, we see. We see the deeper meaning of things, the inner beauty. We may see a bird and look into its life’s story in a single glance. We may see a river and think of its long journey. We try to make a tale out of everything that meets the eye.

We Fail

By far the most important. We fail. Maybe we fail to make a story interesting, maybe we fail to make sense of the plots that invade our minds. Not every story a writer narrates becomes great. Even a 200-page novel like mine had over a thousand scribbled pages, lying discarded on my bedroom floor. But this is what defines us, what we do after we fail. How we rise again. Stories will never cease to exist as long as a writer wishes to tell them.

Being a writer is difficult, frustrating, tiresome and completely maddening. But the joy of watching a figment of your imagination take flight makes it all worth it. That’s why I find being a writer one of the greatest privileges I have been given in my life!

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